Volun­teering Greece Animal Welfare - Jasira

Volunteering in animal welfare: Jasira travelled to Greece to dedicate herself to the protection of animals. Find out more in her experience report.



Name: Jasira

Age: 22

Project: Animal Welfare Greece

Location: Kouvaras (Attika)

Duration: March 2024


Support through the Natucate team:


Partner on-site:


Volunteering Greece Animal Welfare – Review: Seven questions for Jasira

1) Could you give us a short overview of your activities/tasks in the project?

Together with other volunteers, I was responsible for taking care of the animals and keeping the house, food bowls, litter boxes, and dog play area clean. Projects such as taking photos and videos for social media channels, painting and decorating the cat houses distributed throughout the house and on the balconies, as well as crafting toys, were also tasks that were carried out daily. And perhaps the most important and enjoyable task was spending quality time cuddling and playing with the animals.

2) What were your biggest challenges during the project?

I believe the biggest "challenge" for me personally was the daily vacuuming, steam cleaning, and mopping of the entire house + balconies. It was taxing on the body, but nothing serious. Whether that can be counted as a challenge, I don't know.


3) Was there anything that you liked most? Or anything that left you with a negative impression?

Positively, I appreciated the open and familial atmosphere among the staff and volunteers on-site. It was very harmonious, and if you needed a break, it was respected. Overall, there was a very considerate approach to both humans and animals. Between morning and evening shifts, there was always enough time for oneself, as well as time to explore the area. Also, the two days off each week were quite sufficient for me to fully enjoy my small city trips and explorations.

One thing that has stuck with me, although it's not related to the project itself, is the sad sight of a cat left by the roadside to die. Unfortunately, it didn't make it across the road in time and was hit by a car. The people there drive quite recklessly. One should always keep in mind that not everything is rosy when deciding to work in animal welfare. Positive was, of course, the great organization of the excursions and the other two assignments at the donkey farm and the dog shelter. I couldn't imagine a better organization!


**4) Did you have certain expectations before you started the project? If yes, did the project meet your expectations, disappoint or maybe even exceed them?

Actually, not at all. I was simply looking forward to the experience and the tasks in the project, and I can only say, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

5) Did you do anything during your free time that you can recommend to following participants?

During my free time, I did a lot of sightseeing and visited not only Athens but also the port city of Piraeus and Elefsina, which is known as the smallest European Capital of Culture (formerly Eleusis, known for the Eleusinian Mysteries, one of the important cults of ancient Greece). I highly recommend all three. Tip for museums in Athens: if you're under 25, admission is free. And I recommend watching the sunset over Athens, best done from the Hill of the Muses, where the Philopappos Monument stands. Here, you have a 360° view over Athens (on one side the Acropolis and on the other side the sea).


**6) Which tips/recommendations would you give to other participants who would like to do this project? (e.g. tips that would have helped you before your journey)

Taxis are relatively expensive. Tips for the metro: For the journey to the station to take the metro, one of your colleagues from the project will always be willing to drive you there, but for the return journey, you should order a taxi via the Uber app or FreeNow. Tickets can be purchased at the Koropi station from the machine. A single ticket (max. 90 min) costs €1.20, and a day pass is €4.10. Always remember to scan your tickets at Koropi station, even if the gates are open, or you may have trouble at other stations later on.

7) Can you guess how many additional expenses you had? – We can give this information to following participants

  • Metro tickets: €1.20 - €4.20
  • Taxi costs: around €15 per ride
  • Most groceries were covered by the project (the basics like bread, cold cuts, milk, etc.) - so there were only costs for groceries if I wanted something specific. Costs for food and drinks on excursions: €20-€30

8) Here is some space for further questions/suggestions/ideas/reports or stories:

If you ever feel uncomfortable with something, for example, handling the dogs, etc., you can openly and honestly address it, then you don't have to perform tasks related to that. ;) From my own experience, I can say that these 4 weeks were definitely worth it, and I don't regret my decision to embark on this adventure! I also want to thank you (Natucate) once again for the great and hassle-free support in organizing this trip. You have helped me a lot and were always available for questions. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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