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  • Visit the heart of Zambia and witness many wildlife encoun­ters
  • Take the time to dive deep into the Zambian bush
  • Enjoy the comfort of three different authentic camps
  • Explore nature on game drives, bush walks, or even sleep outs
  • Stay off the beaten track and have a memorable experi­ence in Zambia's wilder­ness


South Luangwa National Park
Luambe National Park

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Thirteen days off the beaten track in Zambia

Discover Zambia's wilderness on a 13-day safari, exploring South Luangwa and Luambe National Parks, with unique accommodations, rich biodiversity and many wildlife encounters.


Arrival and orien­ta­tion

Upon arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, Zambia, our attentive airport representatives will greet you just after immigration. They'll assist with your luggage and ensure a seamless check-in onto the Proflight scheduled flight to Mfuwe Airport. Upon landing at Mfuwe Airport, a friendly guide from Flatdogs Camp will be waiting to transfer you to the lodge. Enjoy a scenic forty-minute drive to the camp, where your safari adventure amidst Zambia's pristine wilderness begins.


Activ­i­ties during your Safari

Embark on morning, afternoon, and nocturnal game drives to witness the wonders of Zambia's wildlife. Traverse the bush on guided walks, getting used to yourself and all the sights and sounds. Spend serene nights under the vast Zambian sky, pondering the mysteries of the cosmos. Additionally, for a deeper cultural experience, consider a visit to a local village (an additional fee applies). These diverse activities promise an enriching safari journey, blending wildlife encounters with cultural immersion, ensuring an experience suitable for adventurers of all ages.


Accom­mo­da­tion in Zambia

Experience three unique accommodations during your safari adventure. Start at Flatdogs Camp with luxurious tents. The customised tents offer thatched roofs for shade, bathrooms, spacious beds with mosquito nets, lighting, fans, and charging facilities.

They offer privacy with a view of a lagoon that attracts birds and elephants, which you can watch wonderfully from there and have some quiet time.


Then switch to Nkonzi Bush Camp, which offers canvas safari tents in a game-rich area. The Swahili-style Meru tent at the camp houses a restaurant and a fully stocked bar for cosy evenings under the stars.

With 24-hour security and free laundry service, Nkonzi Camp offers comfort and tranquillity in the African bush while being in a remote and game-rich region, perfect for all kinds of exploration.


End your journey at Luambe Camp, where spacious tents overlook the Luangwa River in Luambe National Park. The safari tents with en-suite bathrooms offer panoramic views of the wildlife.

Experience the bush with morning game drives and guided bird walks, followed by afternoons on the Chipuka Plains and sunset hippo sightings. Each stay offers a unique atmosphere and guarantees a diverse and unforgettable safari experience.


Leisure and catering

Indulge in all-inclusive dining, featuring three meals daily and an impressive range of included drinks and local beverages. Take leisurely breaks to unwind and absorb the enchanting surroundings, allowing cherished memories to weave into your safari experience.

For example, you can enjoy a drink at the bar, relax by the pool, or let your new impressions sink in on the veranda where you can sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful view, and have a great game viewing experience from the view of your tent.

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    1. South Luangwa National Park

    South Luangwa National Park is certainly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in Zambia and is located in the beautiful Luangwa Valley, which is fed by the Luangwa River. Across an area of 9000 km², the park boasts an abundance of lagoons, river arms and wetland biotopes, which are visited by numerous representatives of the African animal world as a source of water.

    The park, open to visitors all year round, presents itself over the twelve months in ever-changing and unique facets. It is considered a real animal paradise and is home to more than 60 different mammals and over 400 bird species, which can be admired at close range on guided game drives and hiking safaris.

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    2. Luambe National Park

    With an area of 300 km², the Luambe National Park is a comparatively small national park but is in no way inferior to the big parks. Thanks to extensive nature conservation measures, its animal wealth was revived after strong poaching activities in the 1970s and 1980s. The area is a unique, almost untouched ecosystem with a spectacular flora and fauna that can be explored by safari guests on game drives and bush walks.

    The Luambe National Park is located in the Luangwa Valley, which is fed by the Luangwa River. The countless lagoons, rivers and wetlands are home to a multitude of hippos and crocodiles and are visited by all other animals as water sources. Due to the absence of large tourist flows, a piece of the original Africa can be enjoyed here.

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Background about the off-the-beaten-track Safari

Nestled within the heart of Zambia's pristine landscapes, South Luangwa and Luambe National Parks stand as sanctuaries of biodiversity and wildlife. South Luangwa, renowned as one of Africa's greatest wildlife sanctuaries, boasts a rich mosaic of habitats, including woodlands, savannahs, and the meandering Luangwa River. This diversity supports an abundance of iconic African species, from majestic elephants and stealthy leopards to vibrant birdlife. Visitors to South Luangwa are treated to unparalleled safari experiences, with opportunities for thrilling game drives, walking safaris, and cultural encounters with local communities.

Adjacent to South Luangwa lies the tranquil Luambe National Park, a hidden gem renowned for its off-the-beaten-track charm. Luambe's diverse landscapes, ranging from floodplain acacia scrub to dense mopane woodlands, provide a haven for an array of wildlife species. Here, guests can spot herds of elephant, buffalo, and zebra roaming freely, while guided birding tours offer glimpses of rare avian species. With its serene ambiance and untouched wilderness, Luambe National Park invites visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of Zambia's natural heritage, forging unforgettable memories amidst the African bush.


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