Ein Teil der Inselgruppe des Archipel Indonesien.

Your trip at a glance


  • Gain live and up-close knowledge from a scientist who has worked for over a decade in conser­va­tion and research in West Papua
  • Conquer the challenging natural frontiers of West Papua on a comfort­able 30-m vessel
  • Visit nesting sites of leatherback turtles and green sea turtles
  • Snorkel and dive the Coral Triangle - the richest coral reefs on Earth
  • Go on land to explore the fauna and flora on rainforest trips and visit coastal villages
  • Swim in a unique aggre­ga­tion spot of whale sharks
  • Experi­ence mind-blowing karst landscapes
  • Follow in the footsteps of the great Alfred Russel Wallace
  • Share this adventure with a small, select group of less than 12 people


Raja Ampat
Bird's Head Peninsula
Cendrawasih Bay
Eine Luftaufnahme, die mit einer Drohne gemacht wurde, zeigt links den Regenwald und recht das tropische Meer. Die beiden Bereiche durch einen schmalen, weißen Sandstrand verbunden.
Eine Meeresschildkröte am Strand von Indonesien auf dem Weg zurück ins Meer.
Ein Paradiesvogel mit ausgeweiteten Flügeln in einem Baum in Indonesien.
Die Karstlandschaft von Raja Ampat
Zu sehen ist einer der Besuche eines Küstendorfes als geplante Aktivität der Erlebnisreise in Indonesien.
Eine dunkle, riesige Meeresschildkröte der Lederschildkröten Art an Land im Sand bei Nacht.
Eine beeindruckende Bucht entdeckt auf der Segelreise in Indonesien.
Zwei Personen haben das Tauchsafarischiff (Liveboard) verlassen und begeben sich in die Tiefe der indonesischen Unterwasserwelt auf ihrem Segelurlaub.
Ein Walhai unter Wasser umgeben von zwei schnorchelnden Personen auf Abenteuerreise in Indonesien.
Eine farbenfrohe Weichkoralle leuchtet in Gelb, Orange bis Rot im flachen Gewässer in Südostasien.
Das blaue Holzschiff des Segeltörns mit zwei Masten vor der Küste Indonesiens.
Das klimatisierte Segelboot der Segelreise in Indonesien hat eine Einrichtung aus edlem Holz.
Die Schiffsexpedition in Indonesien bietet Vollpension und komfortable, klimatisierte Schiffskabinen für Segelreisen.
Eine Grüne Meeresschildkröte am Strand beim Nisten in Indonesien.
Ein belebtes Korallenriff in vielen Farben
Indonesien, Korallendreieck, Cenderawasih Bay, Tauchreise
Ein Mantarochen an einer Putzerstation im Korallendreieck.
Ein Exemplar des flugunfähigen Vogels Bennettkasuar (Dwarf Cassowary) aus dem Hochland von Neuguinea, mit typisch dunklem Federkleid und langen Beinen.

Sailing Adventure in Indonesia Raja Ampat and beyond

This expedition of Raja Ampat and beyond will take place on a comfortable motor driven sailing-vessel. That said, you snorkel extensively and go ashore almost daily to explore the rainforest and visit islands and villages. Experience an unforgettable insight into the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of West Papua and meet dedicated local conservation heroes. This trip will be as challenging as it is rewarding.

Die Willkommensstatur in Jakarta, der Hauptstadt Indonesiens, steht vor einem Springbrunnen umgeben von befahrenen Straßen mit gläsernen Hochhäusern im Hintergrund.

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Indonesia

The trip starts and ends in Jakarta. It is strongly recommended to plan with an additional "buffer" at the beginning and end of the journey due to possible delays (ship, domestic flights, international flights, etc.). For stress-free, self-organised travel, you should therefore ensure that you arrive in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, one day before the start date of the expedition at your own expense.

Die Drop-Off Zone des Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta international airport in Indonesien

You’ll spend two nights at the beginning and one night at the end of the trip in a hotel in Jakarta. On the morning of the 2nd day of the expedition, you’ll meet all the other trip participants. You’ll have breakfast together at the hotel, introduce yourselves, and the tour leader will give you instructions on the itinerary of the trip and the check-out time that evening. After breakfast, you are free to explore the big city. Around 9:00 pm, you’ll drive to the airport. Your flight to Papua departs shortly after midnight. It is a direct flight that takes about 4.5 hours.

Eine Segelreise mit blauem Segelboot in tropischen Gewässern.

The sailing trip itinerary

You sail from Sorong to Waigeo, the largest island in Raja Ampat. Your next stop is the small island of Piai. From Piai, you sail down to the Wayag Islands and spend two days here. You will then continue to Vogelkop (aka "Bird's Head"), where you’ll spend two nights exploring the sites of Jamursba and Weyos Bay. After that, you’ll anchor near the small village of Kwatisore, close to the "Bagan" fishing platforms.
Please keep in mind that bad weather conditions may force us to change our route. It is a fact that in such an event, alternative plans often end up being more rewarding than the initial ones!

Zwei kleine Motorboote bringen die Gäste der Segelreise um Raja Ampat an die Küste.

Planned activ­i­ties of the sailing expedi­tion

One of the highlights is undoubtedly snorkelling on the richest coral reefs in the world. Snorkelling takes place both during the day and at night. On top, diving excursions can be booked. In addition to the water activities, there are also activities on land almost daily. You’ll visit coastal villages and explore the fauna and flora of the rainforest. Most of the hikes last no more than two hours and are on relatively flat terrain, but there is also a 6-hour hike up a river on the programme. You’ll check out a green turtle conservation programme and a pearl farm. A trip to the Bangan fishermen, who have developed a friendly relationship with whale sharks, is also on the agenda. And much, much more!

Bei dem Segelabenteuer in Indonesien auf einem traditionellen, majestätischen Phinisi Schooner gibt es Kabinen mit sowohl Doppelbett und Einzelbett als Unterkunft.

Accom­mo­da­tion - The majestic Phinisi Schooner

The Phinisi is a two-masted motor driven sailing-vessel. This symbol of Indonesian seafaring tradition served as a goods transporter and fishing boat for centuries. A 30-meter-long, beautifully wooden-crafted model will serve as a unique, traditional liveaboard for your expedition. This vessel has air-conditioned cabins with bathrooms. The number of guests is limited to 11 participants. The sailing boat is fully equipped for snorkelling and scuba diving. The chef on board will prepare delicious dishes from fresh seafood and local produce.

Das Deck, mit Liegeplätzen zum Entspannen, des Segelschiffes des Segeltrips um Raja Ampat.

Leisure time during your time on the ship

Numerous pre-planned activities characterise the individual days of your sailing trip in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the programme is often designed flexibly, with alternative options. There will be some time to relax and do personal activities. Therefore, you should remember to bring along leisure items such as books, music, etc., for these breaks.

FAQ – Learn more about this trip

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    1. Raja Ampat

    Raja Ampat is an Indo-Pacific archipelago (a region consisting of a group of islands and the waters between the islands). It belongs to West Papua in Indonesia and lies northwest of Papua New Guinea. Raja Ampat translates as "Four Kings" and refers to the four main islands: Batanta, Salawati, Misool and Waigeo. More than 1,500 islands, of which only 35 are inhabited, belong to the archipelago.

    In the early 2000s, biologists started studying Raja Ampat's marine life. The first wave of marine scientists quickly realised that the biodiversity found here was far greater than anywhere else, including the Great Barrier Reef. The high number of hard coral species and the presence of turtles, manta rays, seahorses and whale sharks make this area very attractive for snorkelling and diving. Birder enthusiasts and nature lovers will also appreciate this area.

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    2. Bird's Head Peninsula

    The Bird's Head Peninsula (Dutch: Vogelkop) is a large peninsula and makes up most of the province of West Papua in Indonesia. It represents the northwestern part of the island of New Guinea. It is the mainland of the world's largest tropical island. More than 80 villages are scattered across the Peninsula. Today, most people live in the villages along the coast. However, there are also small clusters inland. The largest urban area is the town of Sorong on the west coast.

    The Peninsula is about 200 by 300 kilometres and biogeographically diverse, with coastal plains in the south and a 2900-metre mountain range in the east. Endless beaches, steep jungles and waterfalls extend beyond the horizon. More than 300 bird species live on Bird's Head Peninsula, of which at least 20 species are endemic to these forests - including the King Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus regius).

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    3. Cendrawasih Bay

    The vast Cenderawasih Bay is the largest marine park in Indonesia. Parts of the area have been declared a protected marine reserve. The bay is located in West Papua, about 500 kilometres east of the famous Raja Ampat diving area. The bay stretches over a coastline of more than 700 km and is up to 300 km wide. The maximum depth is 1,627 metres and the water temperature is between 27 and 30 °C. Cenderawasih Bay is a liveaboard destination, so the only way to visit this region of Indonesia is by boat.

    Interestingly, Cenderawasih Bay is home to many fish in relatively shallow waters, although these species typically live in very deep seas. The reefs and underwater walls of the Indonesian bay are full of seahorses, ghost fish, colourful shrimps and rare crabs. The hard corals are particularly colourful, and sponges are often found. A steady population of whale sharks visit the local fishing platforms, called "Bagan", daily. They are attracted by the catch of "ikan puri", small sardine-like fish. The behaviour of the Cenderawasih whale sharks has been studied since 2010.

… in the footsteps of Wallace

The expedition leader is a marine biologist and oceanographer who has been involved in research and conservation in West Papua for over ten years. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as a biologist for Conservation International and managed the Raja Ampat Sea Turtle Conservation Programme. Together with a local Papuan non-profit organisation, he protected the archipelago's most crucial turtle colony on Piai Island. Out of a desire to share his knowledge of New Guinea's environment while supporting conservation through ecotourism, he developed these unique nature expeditions in Papua.

Reading Alfred Russell Wallace's "The Malay Archipelago" as a young, up-and-coming biologist had made a strong impression on the expedition leader. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) was a British travelling naturalist who discovered a biogeographical boundary between the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Celebes. From 1854 to 1862, Wallace travelled through the Malay Archipelago (a multitude of larger and smaller islands in Southeast Asia). Here he collected many different species - more than a thousand of which were previously undescribed species. During his exploratory journey, Wallace refined his thoughts on evolution and had his well-known idea about natural selection. He recorded this adventure and his studies in the previously mentioned publication - one of the most famous scientific works of the 19th century.

Many of the scenes Alfred Russell Wallace describes are timeless and therefore resemble experiences one can still recreate today. Spending time in Papua only increased the expedition leader's admiration for Wallace's groundbreaking discoveries. To this day, he admires the British man's courage in doing it all without insect repellent and with only the wind to carry him across Indonesia's treacherous seas.

Now it's time to guide you through some of the wild places the expedition leader knew so well, in the footsteps of Wallace.


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