Die patagonische Landschaft bietet unfassbare Ausblicke auf den Ausritten waehrend des Praktikums

Your trip at a glance


  • Be part of a fasci­nating intern­ship in South America
  • Live and learn on a horse ranch in the midst of wild Patagonia
  • Gather ranch and guide experi­ence plus country living skills
  • Get to know people from all over the world
  • Gain insights into the gaucho culture
  • Discover the pristine nature of the Andes on horseback


Die Pferde der Ranch bei ihrem taeglichen Auslauf mit den Praktikanten
Das Anwesen der Pferde Ranch in der auch die Praktikanten untergebracht werden
Die Praktikanten der Pferderanch bei einem Ausritt durch das argentinische Hochland
Die Praktikanten der Pferderanch fruestuecken bei einem wunderschoenen Ausblick ueber die Anden
Die Lounge der Pferderanch auf der die Praktikanten arbeiten
Ein Praktikant angelt in einem Bergfluss in den argentinischen Anden
Ein Praktikant holt eine Pferdestute und ihr Fohlen und fuehrtsie auf eine Weide
Beim abendlichen Zusammensein grillen die Praktikanten am Lagerfeuer
Die Kueche der Unterkunft in der die Praktikanten leben.
Die Unterkunft eines Praktikanten auf der Pferde Ranch in Argentinien
Praktikanten der Pferderanch geniessen das Lagerfeuer und Berichten von ihrem Tag
Praktikanten arbeiten auf einer Pferderanch in den argentinischen Anden
Die patagonische Landschaft bietet unfassbare Ausblicke auf den Ausritten waehrend des Praktikums
Die Pferderanch bietet rustikale Zimmer fuer die Praktikanten

Your internship abroad in South America

As a participant in our internship in Argentina you experience an unforgettable outdoor adventure and immerse yourself into the daily business of a horse ranch in the Patagonian Andes close to the Chilean border.

Die Praktikanten der Pferderanch fruestuecken bei einem wunderschoenen Ausblick ueber die Anden

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Argentina

You will fly to Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. From there you will travel by bus or by plane to Neuquen Province. A driver from the ranch will pick you up (surcharge $65-$85) and bring you to the village Buta Mallin, from where you will make a three-hour horse-ride to the horse ranch.

Die Pferde der Ranch bei ihrem taeglichen Auslauf mit den Praktikanten

Topics of your intern­ship in Patagonia

Interns participate in all aspects of daily life on the ranch – helping with the horses, milking the cows, cooking and cleaning, digging in the garden, and chopping firewood. Due to frequent ranch visitors you will also learn to appropriately welcome guests and provide a pleasant stay by assisting in guest service activities from time to time.
The ranch team does not operate on a fixed schedule; workdays fluctuate with the comings and goings of guest groups and the various happenings around the ranch. The team works long days, but follows the tradition of the siesta, often breaking for several hours during the hottest part of the day.

Die Unterkunft eines Praktikanten auf der Pferde Ranch in Argentinien

Ranch activities sometimes dictate that you’ll begin your work in the very early morning, or work beyond nightfall. You’ll often put in a long string of workdays and then get several days off. Other times you may have a period of relatively less work. Care is taken to ensure that everyone is getting the time off they need. Your host will make sure that everyone has opportunities to get out on horseback rides, and occasionally mountain pack trips.

Beim abendlichen Zusammensein grillen die Praktikanten am Lagerfeuer

Accom­mo­da­tion during your time as an intern

You live and work on a horse ranch in the midst of the Patagonian wilderness. Staff housing is communal – most rooms are bunkhouse style, with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The buildings are rustic but comfortable. There are several kitchens in the staff/intern housing area. Each is rustic but functional. They do have propane stoves. Propane is a challenge to bring in so the team tries to reduce the use of it by cooking over fires and wood stoves as much as possible. Power is supplied by small hydroelectric turbines. A cook is responsible for your daily meals.

Drei Praktikanten sitzen auf einer Grasebene und geniessen die Aussicht auf die argentinischen Anden

Leisure time in Argentina

Usually all participants get one day off per week. Meanwhile they can follow their hobbies and individual activities. During their time on the ranch they will have several opportunities to make a horse-ride in the Patagonian Andes and get to know the breathtaking landscape of Argentina.

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    1. Patagonia

    Patagonia is a region in South America that consists of an Argentine part (in the east) and a Chilean part (in the west). With a size of 766,000 km², the Argentinean part is twice as large as Germany, but has only 1.6 million inhabitants. The region is characterized by a uniquely wild landscape – it stretches over high steppes, river valleys, golden grasslands and rugged rocky landscapes to the heart of the Argentine Cordilleras.

    As part of our nature trip you can discover the breathtaking vastness of this special region on horseback.

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Background of your ranch intern­ship in the Andes

The ranch with its visitor’s lodge is a spectacular place in the unique landscape of Patagonia. You will have the chance to experience the life on a farm and to develop a feeling of unlimited freedom. Living and working in a community, far away from civilization, will merge challenges, fun and personal benefit. The aim of the internship is to teach you a wide variety of country living skills and to give you solid ranch experience. Widen your horizon and get ready for a unique off-the-grid-adventure in the Patagonian Andes.


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