Volun­teering Seychelles North Island – Svenja

Natucate volunteer Svenja spent six weeks in the Seychelles to help protect endangered sea turtles on North Island. Learn more about her experience.


Volunteering in the Seychelles – Feedback: Seven questions for Svenja

1) Could you give us a short overview of your tasks in the project?

Among others, beach patrol was one of my main tasks. This means I had to track turtles, snorkel on a regular basis to determine fish species and plant trees.

2) What were your biggest challenges during the project?

To my mind, the biggest challenge were so-called vegetation units in which I had to plant trees in the tropical climate and accompanied by mosquito swarms.

3) Was there anything that you liked most? Or anything that left you with a negative impression?

Leaving the island to go back home was really bad. I liked the island itself very much and the inhabitants who are super friendly and welcoming.


4) Did you have certain expectations before you started the project?

I didn’t have certain expectations, but I was utterly surprised by the island’s beauty and the stress-free work.

5) Did you do anything during your free time that you can recommend to other participants?

It really pays off visiting Mahé to get to know the main island’s ‘city life’ and to see other places. In my opinion, the beaches and the atmosphere on North Island are more beautiful than on Mahé. As leisure activities on North Island I recommend kayaking and stand-up paddling.


6) Which tips would you give to other participants who would like to do this project?

A small backpack is very useful so you don’t need to carry a huge one during beach patrols.

7) Can you guess how many additional expenses you had?

I barely had any extra expenses while living on the island except for a few drinks and candy which I bought in the island’s shop. For the weekend trip to Mahé I spent about 200 to 300 euros.

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