Volun­teering: Achieve­ments of our conser­va­tion project in South Africa

Through the dedicated support and commitment of our volunteers, our wildlife conservation project in Zululand/South Africa was able to achieve a lot of things. Learn more

  • Over 300 rhinos have been safely transferred to a new home
  • Over 400 rhinos could be equipped with tracking devices
  • Every day we actively monitored over 80% of South Africa's remaining wild dog metapopulation.
  • In a joint effort we have developed special anti-poacher trap collars and applied them to over 80 wild dogs.
  • To date we have been able to free more than 100 wild dogs from poacher traps.
  • More than 30 vultures have been equipped with small GPS backpacks, which enable us to follow their movement patterns for the first time.
  • We are conducting the largest full-time leopard study in Africa, which collects key information on the local leopard populations.
  • With more than 500 specialized camera traps, almost half a million pictures of wild animals could be taken – which in turn contributes significantly to our monitoring of endangered species.

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