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South Africa and Botswana

Professional Field Guide

Part I

I am in South Africa for more than a month now, completing the Professional Field Guide training. The first four weeks of the course took place in Selati, a beautiful reserve in which there is only a small number of lodges. The camp is quite simple but still comfortable and provides everything you need. Especially enough tasty food! The best thing, however, are the many bush walks and game drives! We, the students, were allowed to guide these after the first week already (still with the help and instruction of the course supervisor of course).

You experience incredible things during the activities! You don’t only see birds, plants, and trees but also elephants and rhinos from a close proximity and you learn how to behave during an animal encounter. It’s impossible to get bored! And just as we were getting used to the camp and the reserve, it was time to say good-bye already – Karongwe is waiting for us!

Part II

Karongwe – October 2017

After leaving Selati, our path led us to a small town where we were able to top up our personal food supplies. Even though this was only a small town, it felt quite strange to stroll through the shops after having spent four weeks in the bush. After this small excursion we finally went to Karongwe where new instructors and of course the new camp were awaiting us! The camp is beautiful and even has larger tents. The reserve is similar to the one in Selati and is covered with lots of bushes and shrubs. However, are more lucky when it comes to big cats and are finally able to see lions, leopards, and cheetahs from up close!


Our daily routine luckily didn’t change, but we all know that it’s going to be a bit harder since the theoretical exam is just around the corner! That means learning a lot in the afternoon and highest attention during the activities! We will be tested on all modules like animal behaviour, geology, plants, and of course animals like reptiles, mammals, and insects. Only a few days later the students of the 55-day course will be tested on their practical competence. Luckily everyone passed it straightaway so that we can have a little party on Halloween! But this also means that a few farewells are ahead of us – this time not only from the camp and the instructors but also among the students. The time in the bush has come to an end for a few of us while the rest has a week off until we continue our adventure in Mashatu, Botswana!

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