Your trip at a glance


  • Experi­ence Southeast Queensland’s rainforests, wetlands and wildlife
  • Help protect and create critical koala habitat
  • Enjoy scenic nature walks and, if you are lucky, witness unique wildlife encoun­ters
  • Join stargazing and tradi­tional Aussie camp cook up evenings
  • Visit koala rescue and education centres to get to know these fasci­nating animals



Koala conservation trip in Australia

When joining this programme you enjoy a unique nature exploration trip amidst Australia’s wild landscapes and actively contribute to protecting threatened koalas by volunteering in different conservation projects.


Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Brisbane

One day prior to the official start of the trip you need to arrive in Brisbane. After your arrival you will spend one night in a guest accommodation in town that you have booked before. The next morning you will meet your group in Norman Park/Brisbane from where you will start your journey together.


Activ­i­ties during your conser­va­tion journey

During your koala conservation journey Down Under you dedicate yourself to exploring magnificent nature sites in Australia’s Southeast Queensland and, at the same time, contribute to conserving pristine natural areas to help protect threatened koalas.
For the first half of the day, you and your international team will usually be involved in protecting and restoring koala habitat in Southeast Queensland such as eucalypt woodlands and tropical rainforests.


In general, your tasks will be planting trees, removing invasive weed and mulching.
The second half of your day you will explore Southeast Queensland’s natural beauty and biodiversity. National parks, nature reserves as well as educational institutions and rescue centres – you will join lots of fascinating nature and wildlife excursions before returning back to Brisbane on the last day of the programme.


Accom­mo­da­tion in Southeast Queens­land

Your accommodation depends on your location: In Lacey’s Creek you will be accommodated in a yurt, in Woodstock you will be accommodated in a cabin and in Crohamhurst you will be accommodated in a kind of “granny flat”. In each case you need to share your room with at least one other participant. Moreover, bathroom and kitchen amenities are always communal. Daily snacks as well as three meals per day will always be provided. Meal-preparation is a shared responsibility – all participants take turns helping to manage the meal preparation and clean-up.


Leisure time as a volunteer in Australia

After you’ve contributed to koala conservation tasks and enjoyed spectacular nature sites of southeastern Australia, you’ll have time for your own activities in the evening: Spend time with your fellow group members and talk about the events of the day, play games or read a book. If you decide to stay in the programme for more than five days, you can also use the weekend(s) for your own activities.

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    1. Brisbane

    Brisbane is Queensland’s vibrant capital and attracts countless visitors due to its close proximity to Brisbane River, a colourful art and culture scene as well as numerous restaurants.

    Important places and regions close to Brisbane include the giant city of Gold Coast, the picturesque Sunshine Coast and the natural paradise of the Gold Coast Hinterland. When travelling to Brisbane and the surrounding Southeast Queensland, visitors experience a balanced mix of spectacular natural landscapes, fascinating biodiversity and colourful cultural offerings.

Purpose of the volunteer journey in Australia

The koala was once common and widespread throughout Eastern Australia’s eucalypt woodlands and forests. But factors like habitat clearing, hunting, natural disasters and disease have led to a substantial population as well as distribution decline since European settlers arrived in Australia. In three large Australian regions – Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory – the koala is now listed as vulnerable to facing extinction with numerous populations persisting in isolated or fragmented habitats. Habitat loss, modification and fragmentation, vehicle collisions, disease, burns and wildfires, droughts and climate change pose a growing threat to this iconic animal. By assisting with hands-on seasonal conservation projects, volunteers contribute to increasing koala habitat in the area which, in turn, will help improve the population status of this fascinating species.


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