Sabbat­ical with Elephants

Embark on an unforgettable journey with elephants in Southern Africa!

Sabbatical in Elephant Conservation

Join a memorable sabbatical in Africa with Natucate, embedded in breathtaking nature and accompanied by fascinating elephants.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Southern Africa and turn your sabbatical into an unforgettable experience through conservation work with elephants. Find an extraordinary connection between wilderness, species conservation, and elephants that will not only enrich your sabbatical but also make a significant contribution to the protection of these impressive animals.

Here you can not only recharge your batteries and prove yourself as a nature enthusiast, but also build a special bond with these majestic animals.

Safeguarding Elephants: Conservation Work

Your commitment will not only open up new horizons but also actively contribute to the conservation of the African elephant population in Southern Africa. Conservation initiatives center around the establishment and upkeep of protected areas, the implementation of anti-poaching measures, and the promotion of awareness to foster coexistence between elephants and local communities.

The key to the enduring success of elephant conservation lies in the collaborative efforts of governments, conservation organizations, and local communities.


Project opportunities in Africa

Our diverse programs offer far more than just the chance to discover new perspectives:

  1. Namibia: Become a volunteer in Damaraland and get actively involved in protecting the desert elephants. In doing so, you will help to preserve their habitats, safeguard the local inhabitants, and thus secure the existence of the elephants.

  2. Botswana: Deepen your knowledge with a tracking course in the famous Okavango Delta. Follow the tracks of elephants and other wild animals and experience their fascinating way of life up close.

  3. Sambia: You will also have the opportunity to support the elephant orphan project in Kafue and Lusaka and accompany the elephants on their way to release into the wild.

Explore the details of our enriching Sabbatical with Elephants Journey and let yourself be inspired by the three unique experiences it offers.

Your sabbatical will be a multifaceted journey where you will not only discover the beauty of Southern Africa but also make a meaningful contribution to elephant conservation. Take this chance to connect with the nature and wilderness of Africa and feel the magic of these special places.


Highlights of your Sabbat­ical with Elephants

Spend a meaningful Sabbat­ical in Africa
Partic­i­pate as a volunteer in Species Conser­va­tion
Find new energy and inspi­ra­tion in the wilder­ness
Contribute to the protec­tion of elephants
Experi­ence the impres­sive landscapes of Southern Africa

Adventures to get you dreaming


Threats to elephants

Elephants in Southern Africa are facing an increasing threat due to poaching and the loss of their natural habitat. These two main causes are leading to a dramatic decline in the elephant population. Almost 100 elephants die every day in Africa due to illegal hunting, which mainly targets their tusks. Most of the smuggled ivory ends up in East Asia, where the illegal trade is flourishing.

The conflict between humans and elephants, due to scarce resources, especially water, poses an additional challenge. Although elephants have almost no natural enemies, the loss of their habitat and the increase in human impact are limiting their populations. This problem affects not only the African elephant, the largest land mammal in the world, but also the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant, all of which are on the Red List of Threatened Species.

It is therefore extremely important to actively protect african elephants. With our projects and partners, we offer the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the African elephant population in Southern African countries. Get involved with us to protect these impressive creatures from further dangers and ensure a safe future for elephants.


Unique experience: A Sabbatical in Elephant Conservation

The sabbatical provides a distinctive chance not only to explore the world but also to engage in meaningful elephant conservation projects. The decision to dedicate part of your sabbatical year to the protection of these majestic animals with Natucate is simply fantastic. It not only opens doors to unforgettable experiences but allows you to make a meaningful difference. Getting involved in Southern Africa will not only enrich your own life but will also leave a lasting mark on the conservation of these amazing creatures.

We are happy to support you in planning your sabbatical with elephants and offer further tips to ensure that your entire sabbatical experience is fulfilling and enriching. Your adventure in elephant conservation should not only be unforgettable but also tailored to your wishes.

We would love to hear from you if you are thinking about combining your sabbatical with the meaningful conservation work with elephants. You can email us here at


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