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Maun is the fifth largest city in Botswana with just under 56,000 inhabitants and, due to its location, is considered as the "Gate to the Okavango Delta". In the following blog you can find further information

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Maun is the fifth largest city in Botswana with just under 56,000 inhabitants and is located in the northern part of the country. Located on the south-eastern edge of the Okavango Basin, it is considered the most important starting point for safaris into the spectacular Okavango Delta. The town’s usual nickname is therefore also "Gate to the Okavango Delta".

During a stay in Maun, the small but fine cultural offer of the city can be enjoyed: A sightseeing flight by plane or helicopter, a city tour or a visit to local markets and shops make it possible to explore the charming little town and the surrounding region.



Founded in

In the north of Botswana, on the southeast edge of the Okavango Basin

approx. 150 km², about 56,000 inhabitants

Various accommodations, from simple and inexpensive to more expensive and luxurious

Helicopter sightseeing flights, cultural excursions (e.g. visits to museums or markets), further excursion to the Okavango Delta

Best travel time
All year round, when visiting the Okavango Delta best May – October

Most important starting point to the breathtaking Okavango Delta good range of activities authentic, cultural insights


Visiting Maun


Maun is the capital of Botswana's North West District and is located in the north of the country, on the southeast edge of the Okavango Basin. The surrounding area is dominated by the dry landscape of the Kalahari, whereas the fertile soils of the delta begin only a few kilometres north of the city.

Accommodation and activities in Maun

Maun offers travellers a good choice of accommodation, from basic accommodation for price-conscious guests to luxurious hotels and lodges, either in town or further afield.
Those who visit Maun before or after their safari can take advantage of the city's small but fine range of activities to explore the town and its surrounding region. Sightseeing flights by helicopter, boat or mokoro trips, visits to local markets, museums and shops are possible and ensure fun and variety.


Travel time for Maun

Maun can be visited all year round – but since most tours go further into the Okavango Delta, the months May to September/October should be considered. At this time of year winter prevails in the southern hemisphere and temperatures are more pleasant than during the hot winter season between October/November and April.

Highlights in Maun

It is not for nothing that Maun is known as "The Gate to the Okavango Delta". Its location makes the small town a perfect starting point for tours into the largest inland delta of our planet. If you choose Maun as the start or stopover for your delta trip, you can look forward to a wide range of leisure activities that will enable you to get to know the city and the surrounding area. Maun also provides an authentic insight into the "real" Africa, as the cityscape is dominated by barracks and clay huts which are scattered and at a greater distance from each other. There are no large tourist centres and hotel resorts, although there are some modern shopping facilities and office buildings.

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