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Oregon is the 33rd state of the United States and offers the chance to enjoy diverse recreational (outdoor) activities within beautiful natural landscapes. Receive further information in the following blog article

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Oregon is the 33rd state of the United States of America and is located in the far west of the country, directly on the Pacific Coast.

This state of the USA has much in common with its northern neighbour Washington. Here you can go hiking in the middle of the huge forests, do exciting bike, kayak or windsurfing tours or try out the small cafés in one of the larger cities. Relax on the enchanting coast, explore the volcanic mountains, discover crystal clear lakes and explore desert and prairie landscapes. Oregon wants to be actively experienced!


Name Oregon

Location In the far west of the USA, directly on the Pacific Ocean, between Washington and California

approx. 254,805 km²


Best travel time
April to October

National parks such as Crater Lake National Park, the landscapes along the Columbia River, the Painted Hills, the coastal region and especially Cannon Beach.

On site in Oregon

Location, geography and climate

Oregon has about 3.8 million inhabitants. The largest and most famous city is Portland. Salem is the capital of the east coast state. Oregon borders Washington to the north, Idaho to the west, Nevada to the southwest and California to the south. The state has very different landscapes. Here you will find a wild coast, high mountain ranges, dense forests, flat valleys and dry desert regions.

The mountain ranges in the west of the state we owe mainly to volcanic activity by the Juan de Fuca plate. The highest point of the Cascaden is the Mount Hood with 3.424 m. The wild coasts of Oregon are exposed to strong erosion from wind and water. In the flatter terrain there are many evergreen mixed forests. To the east, a desert stretches as far as the Great Basin.


The state is divided by the Cascade Range into two climatically different areas. The climate in Oregon is usually mild and strongly influenced by the ocean. In the west an evergreen mixed forest can be found while in the east the high desert extends as far as possible. The east of the state is drier and characterised by greater fluctuations over the course of the day. In the summer it can get warm here sometimes over 30°C. Temperatures on the coast in winter are around 8.3°C.

Flora and fauna in Oregon

In Oregon there is thick vegetation and diverse animals. In the mixed forest you can mainly find firs like redwood trees and cedars. Animals like beavers, moose and deer feel home in these forests. It is no surprise, that the beaver is even the state’s heraldic animal. In the woods there are also many elk and deer species. the so-called fork-buck, from the family of the antelopes, lives in the southwestern desert-region. Of course, there are also smaller mammals like squirrels, possums or raccoons just like numerous bird species here. The Klamath Basin has the highest number of eagles that spend the winter there during the cold season. On the coast live sea lions and seals, as well as humpback whales and dolphins.


Highlights in Oregon

Oregon has many places you should have seen.
You will find a special landscape around the Crater Lake National Park. Many years ago the volcano Mount Mazama erupted here. His eruption left behind the Crater Lake we know today. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the USA with a depth of 589 m. Here you can enjoy the clear blue water after a hike.

The Columbia River has shaped the landscape fluvially and offers you many beautiful places to stop and relax while hiking through green, mossy forests. In addition, you will certainly find one or the other waterfall on these hikes.
The rocky, wild, unspoilt coasts are a special natural spectacle and show you how beaches can look like. Especially the Cannon Beach with its rock formations is worth a visit. Should it become too green and humid for you, you can relax in the desert. In the east of Oregon you will find the Painted Hills, a rock formation that has been given a special colour pattern by erosion. It almost looks as if a painter had let off steam on these mountains.

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