The team for your experience abroad

You’d like to know who is behind NATUCATE? Who the people are, who help you plan your trip and are at your side during your stay abroad? We’ll enlighten you. All our employees have considerable overseas experience, which was extremely important for their personal development.

The entire NATUCATE team is inspired by trips to the most beautiful regions of the world, combined with intensive voluntary service. We try to convey this enthusiasm to you, so that in turn you will be fascinated by this type of travel and sustainable voluntary service.




After she had graduated from highschool, Ann-Kathrin spent one year at the West Coast of the USA. She soon became fascinated with the United States and travels them on a regular basis since then. Due to several trips around Europe Ann-Kathrin was able to gain further international experience. She supports NATUCATE producing online and print content as well as taking care of our agency's social networking activities. The skills she acquired during her language and communication studies benefit her work at NATUCATE



Chrissy is a passionate geographer and knows all about the interconnection of mankind, nature and environment. Within and outside her geography studies she was able to gain lots of international experience and therefore provides professional consulting services for our customers. In addition, she supports NATUCATE’s marketing activities by creativity and innovative ideas. As an enthusiastic outdoor lover she spends most of her free time in nature – along with her dog Paco. Her cordialness as well as her communication and organizational skills make her an invaluable team member.


Daniel Kaul

Daniel is the founder of NATUCATE and he is responsible for developing new projects and partnerships. He has the relevant requisite experience to be able to help you find a suitable destination and project. What is special about Daniel? On the one hand, he acquired knowledge about nature in all its diverse facets during studies for his master’s degree and on the other hand he knows from his own experience what it is like to be a volunteer in nature conservation. Furthermore Daniel successfully took part in the FGASA accredited Field Guide Level 1 Course, in the beautiful landscapes of South Africa and Botswana. Over the years he has built up a network of international contacts which he now uses to deliver the best projects to NATUCATE, whilst also maintaining a hands on approach with our project partners.



David is our expert when it comes to biology. He makes sure, that we always provide you with accurate background information on our projects. During his studies in biology he was able to gain profound expertise which contributes gainfully to his work at NATUCATE. Longer stays abroad in France and China as well as trips to Spitsbergen, Slovenia and the Canary Islands gave him the opportunity to gain valuable insights into many different cultures. Apart from nature hikes and biking tours David has a passion for ornithology. His openmindedness as well as know-how in the field of flora and fauna are an enrichment for NATUCATE.



Jenny has gained versatile experience abroad during her time at school, after high school and during university. She discovered on her time abroad her love for North America. From her long-term stays in Canada and the United States Jenny is an absolute win for NATUCATE and organizes and coordinates our public relations and marketing activities. In addition, she always has an open ear for our partners and customers - Jenny convinces with her positive and professional manner.



Marc is also a real benefit to NATUCATE, thanks to his overseas experience. He lived in New Zealand for several years and graduated in Environmental Management. After graduating, Marc acquired practical experience as an environmental consultant, continuing to develop his own skills, which he now uses to the full at NATUCATE.



Nick has been with NATUCATE since it was founded and is an indispensable part of the management team, acting as management adviser and helping with the strategic orientation of the company. During his time in England, he graduated in mathematics and integrated environmental studies. NATUCATE benefits from his leadership qualities, which he acquired during his long-term experience conducting and managing nature conservation projects with international teams. He also started out as a volunteer and therefore knows all about voluntary service.



He’s the champion when it comes to storming the office in the morning: Paco, the entertainer, captured our hearts in no time! Our office dog – a staff member we wouldn’t want to miss.



Stephan supports NATUCATE not only with his expertise in economic geography but also with his enthusiasm for nature, its conservation and travelling. Prior to his studies he had spent a longer time in Canada. The many experiences that he is gathering on his travels and in nature now contribute gainfully to his work at NATUCATE.



In summer 2016 our team was given another helping hand: After she had graduated from highschool, Theda travelled Southern Africa for half a year, joined a safari guide course and became fascinated with this special continent. Her wish to take over responsibility came true: In 2013 Theda founded CONSAFARITY and a little later the Knyphausen Foundation for Sustainability, Nature Conservation and Education. CONSAFARITY specialises in customized safaris in Southern Africa. 3% of each booking are used to support the work of the Knyphausen Foundation. In June 2016 Theda joined NATUCATE to support our team in Botswana, where she lives most of the year. Due to her happy nature and broad experience it would be hard to imagine her not being part of the team.

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