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Peru is one of the regions on our earth that serve as a habitat for the most species. With its diverse flora and fauna, it creates a unique learning environment for adventurers and nature lovers with a thirst for knowledge alike, they being able to learn more about the rainforests and its ecological system in an incomparable manner.
With its area of 1.3 million km², Peru is the habitat for around 400 species of mammals, more than 1800 species of birds and thousands of plant species. Peru's largest landscape zone is the Selva – this being the name of the country's rainforest region, it occupying around 60% of the national territory. The rainforest is almost impenetrable and is traversed by numerous rivers that flow into the Amazon, they being the unique transport arteries that extend through the expansive forest area. Numerous species of primates, boas, jaguars, pumas, tapirs – there is a good chance that you shall be able to observe rainforest inhabitants such as these during your expeditions in the depths of the Selva.

As a participant in our wilderness experience courses, you are able to acquire valuable knowledge on Peru's fascinating flora and fauna and at the same time, make an invaluable contribution to species protection. Experienced scientists pass their expert knowledge on to you, enabling you to discover the rainforest close up. Education, adventure and wilderness experience – travel to South America with NATUCATE and spend an unforgettable time in the midst of the unspoilt nature of the Peruvian jungle.

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