Wilderness Experience Wildlife Training Courses in Canada

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Canada is the second largest country in the world with an area of almost 9.985.000 km², but only only sparsely populated due to 36 million inhabitants – this means lots of space for untouched nature and a perfect destination for an exciting adventure holiday.

Canada shares only one land border with the USA in the south and northwest. Another neighbour is Greenland that is separated from Canada by a sea gate.

Due to Canada’s enormous size it has numerous climate zones that range from polar climate to moderate climate. In most parts of the country winters are long and cold while summers are short and hot.

The first thing the majority of people associate with the Northamerican state is wide open landscapes, the pristine and untouched nature and a striking number of wildlife. Canada is a true natural paradise and impresses with its biodiversity: Thanks to the polar climate in the north there still are polar bears, arctic wolves, and arctic foxes in the wild; orcas are domiciled in the Pacific Ocean that borders on Canada’s west, and at the west coast one can even watch grizzly bears in the months of May and September. But also other animals like moose, lynxes, bisons, and many more are at home in one of the 44 national parks or in the nature reserves of the country that extend over about 70% of Canada.

By joining one of our Wilderness Experience courses in Canada’s Southwest you get to enjoy an unforgettable educational adventure bringing you very close to the country’s unique nature.

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