Volunteer Abroad FAQ Volunteering Florida Mustang

Volunteering with Horses in the USA

Prior to depature to Florida

Do I need specific requirements or abilities to apply for this project?

Once you have reached 18 years or more and have sufficient English skills there is nothing that could keep you away from applying to this project. As a volunteer on the ranch you should have a heart for animals and be interested in general horsemanship. You should be aware of the fact, that this project is not a vacation and that the work with the animals on the ranch has priority. Furthermore you might need a Visa for your volunteering work. Depending on the duration of your stay and your destination the requirements might vary. You might check out the foreign department’s website for the Visa standards or ask the NATUCATE team directly.

Which services does the price include?

Prior to your departure we will help you organize and plan your whole stay. We will help you find a good flight and arrange your Visa application. In Florida you will be picked up and brought to the ranch. Furthermore your accommodation and food will be provided. Towels and bedding will be provided as well.

Do I need certain medical precautions or requirements?

A journey to America requires no certain vaccination. In general you need to talk to your doctor and make sure you are vaccinated against Morbilli, Mumps and Rubella. In case of injuries it is also advised to be vaccinated against Tetanus. For current information and warnings regarding your destination you should check out the homepage of the foreign department. You definitely need a travel insurance to start your volunteering work with NATUCATE. We can help you find something for you.

What kind of equipment should I take with me?

You will be spending a lot of time outside; there for you should consider packing light, comfortable clothing which can get dirty. Furthermore we advise you to pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle and mosquito repellent. Generally you should pack a sturdy pair of boots and long sleeved shirts, as well as a pair of long pants. If you have, riding gear would be perfect.

Arrival in Florida

How do I arrive at my destination, do I have to organize it myself?

We will support you during your organization and planning process. But you will have to book your flight to Orlando airport (MCO) on your own. Once you arrived at the airport, a coworker will pick you up and take you to the ranch. In exceptional cases there is also the option to arrive at Tampa (TPA) airport and get picked up there. But since Tampa is quite far away this option is not recommended. In the end of the project the team on site will organize your transfer back to the airport.

What happens after my arrival?

Once you get to the farm you will not need further transportation since your work will take place on site. If there is any need for transportation the team on the farm will try to arrange something for you.

During the project in Florida

What is my main function? Can I choose my tasks and will I be working independently?

During your time at the farm you will work with the mustangs on a daily basis. Your work includes the maintenance and fostering of the horses as well as the farm and the ground itself. You will help to resocialize the horses and train them. You will also be responsible for the feeding of the dogs, pigs, chickens and other animals on the ranch. Every once in a while you will take the horses for a ride. In general it is not possible to pick your tasks. Everyone has to help out with everything. Tasks depend on the daily needs of the animals. After your arrival you will be introduced to your work and soon you will execute them on your own.

How big is the group?

The group size will not exceed over 12 people.

Life on site in Florida

What is the accommodation like?

During the project you will stay at the ranch on the project site. You will share your bedroom with possible three other volunteers and sleep in bunkbeds. You have access to shared bathrooms. There will also be an open kitchen for everyone, as well as a dining room and a big living room. Furthermore you can use the veranda or swimming pool to cool off or relax during your free time.

Is it possible to get placed with a partner or friend?

It is always possible to get placed with your partner or friend, but it always depends on the current room availability.

How is the food provided?

Volunteer will take turns in preparing lunch and dinner. There will be three meals daily.

Is it possible to receive vegetarian meals?

It is possible to follow a vegetarian diet. Please inform us about your diet beforehand. A vegan diet is not recommended.

How are work time and free time divided?

As a volunteer you will be working Mondays through Fridays starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending in the late afternoon or evening. On some days you might be asked to work on Saturday as well. There will be a break at noon to escape the heat.

How can I spend my free time?

During your lunch break or after working hours you might relax on the veranda or take a swim in the pool. You can spend some time with the other volunteers or go on some day trips to areas close by. Some days you and the other participants can arrange a barbecue or game nights.

Do I have a contact person on site?

The team on site will always be at the farm and can answer your questions. They will be responsible for you and help you with any kind of problem.

What kind of cost do I have to expect during the project? Can I withdraw cash on site and do I have to pay in local currency?

Usually you will not have any other kind of spending during the project since accommodation and food is provided. But you might need money for free time activities, trips, or additional snacks you want to purchase. You can withdraw cash at the airport or the city. Still you should take enough cash with you since the closest city Orlando is a 45 minute drive away.

How can I contact family and friends at home?

You will have a Wifi access at the ranch. There will also be a computer available to the volunteers. Depending on the weather the signal might be weak. To save some money you should consider purchasing a prepaid card.

What’s the weather like?

Florida can be divided in two climate zones. The northwest and the central part of the country have cold winters and warm summers. The south has a more or less tropical climate with high temperature all year around. The winter in the south is still warm but not as hot as the summer.

Is there a prohibition regarding alcohol?

The drinking age in the USA is 21. It is also not allowed to drink alcohol on the street in public. We ask you to follow these rules and respect the conditions

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