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NATUCATE Study Tours

NATUCATE is an agency specialised in quality, individually designed study tours. Each and every tour is planned by NATUCATE and our partner organisations on the ground to suit the individual needs of the respective participant.

Specialised, interesting and first-hand topic-related experiences – this is the most fitting description for NATUCATE’s Study Tours for schools, universities and clubs. Qualified professionals guide the groups at each destination. Depending on the group’s interests, the tour can be devoted to the following subjects: agriculture and forestry, resource management, sustainable development, geography, geology or nature conservation. Our inspiring, tailor-made excursions combine informative site visits, providing a comprehensive insight into the subject matter.


NATUCATE Study Tours offers a broad service spectrum including the organisation of travel, food, and lodgings as well as recruiting professional guides at the destination.

NATUCATE is not a travel agent but an agency promoting cultural, technical and social exchange. The quality and unique nature and quality of the programmes on offer are our focal point. Therefore, NATUCATE’s Study Tours have no set group size. The number of participants is as variable as the tour itself. The average size of a group is between 15 and 35 participants, but this number may of course be larger or smaller.

NATUCATE Study Tours: Exciting educational travel tours for schools, universities and clubs

  • Travel in small groups
  • Tailor-made tours with a dash of spontaneity
  • Flexible schedule
  • Knowledge transfer by local experts
  • Practical activities and cultural exchange with locals
  • Sight-seeing and exploratory tours off the beaten track
  • Lasting personal enrichment through a broadening of horizons
  • Professional guides

  • United States: West Coast, Upper mid West and Florida
  • Central & Latin America: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia & Argentina
  • Central & Western Europe: Romania, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland & Denmark
  • Other Countries: Willing to explore depending on the group's request

Our aim

NATUCATE Study Tours is pleased to promote international, cultural, technical and scientific exchange. As well providing experience on a global scale, cultural and technical exchange has also been proven to reinforce the conscious effort to conserve natural resources. NATUCATE Study Tours are an outstanding opportunity for learning more about a country and its people. The tours also aim to provide participants with a genuine insight into a specific topic in the course of the excursions, which will broaden their horizons and sensitise them in their approach to potential problems.


Details Study Tours

NATUCATE Study Tours are unique, exciting and entertaining. Every excursion is specifically attuned to the respective group regarding travel routes and activities. Everything is professionally organised in advance, which allows the participants to focus their attention fully on the topic selected. Authenticity is paramount in all NATUCATE Study Tours. Guides with local knowledge steer the participants away from the paths normally trodden by tourists. Each journey is prepared individually. Before departure, NATUCATE Study Tours will supply the participants with important information about the customs of the country as well as key aspects such as currency, health and climate conditions. On arrival in the host country, the group is welcomed by an experienced professional guide to help with the acclimatisation process. The distinct character of NATUCATE Study Tours persists throughout the trip. Activities may be added to excursions at any time in a spontaneous and flexible manner and could include visits to a local market or assisting with a nature conservation project or on a farm.


Topics NATUCATE Study Tours:

NATUCATE organises excursions on a variety of different subjects. The core subjects are ecology, geography, geology, agriculture and development. Consequently, educational tours about agriculture and horticulture can be conducted incorporating the wine-making, dairy, fishing, management of resources or forestry industry. Tours with their sights firmly fixed on the future can be organised around nature conservation, management of natural resources, national parks, agriculture and public property. The upward trend towards sustainable tourism in the form of nature tours is constantly increasing. Should you be interested in other related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What makes our Study Tours special?

There are good reasons for choosing NATUCATE Study Tours!

The NATUCATE team comprises qualified professionals with many years of experience in planning and guiding travel tours. Specialised knowledge of countries and their respective culture are the essence of NATUCATE Study Tours. It is of great importance to us to establish the individual interests and needs of the participants, turning their NATUCATE Study Tour into an unforgettable experience.


Travelling in a group on one of NATUCATE‘s Study Tours makes for a unique experience. Each tour caters specifically for the group’s preferences and interests. This is made possible by the large network of experts in each host country, whose expertise make these tours a one of a kind undertaking. Participants are given a genuine insight into the respective topic with interesting background information. This knowledge transfer is combined with professional tour organization. The local guide stays with the group from the day of their arrival until the day of their departure, spontaneously adapting the tour to any new circumstances that emerge.

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