Your Sabbatical Abroad –
America from East to West

The country of boundless opportunity is still a dream destination for many. We have put together a few highlights for you to highlight the unbelievable diversity of the American landscape. You will travel up and down the eastern West Coast within four months, followed by three weeks on Hawaii to finish it all off.


You will join different projects to protect endangered animals and help to protect nature and the landscape. Your first stop is a horse ranch to the east of Orlando in Florida, the Sunshine State, where you will join an unusual project devoted to protecting and rehabilitating mustangs. After six unforgettable weeks, you will journey on to California, where you will join other international participants in a variety of nature conservation projects to protect the unique Californian landscape. You will have time to go on journeys of discovery together and explore the south-west between each project. This is followed by another highlight – a three-week stay on the Hawaiian island of Maui. While there you will volunteer on a project to protect sea turtles which are at risk of extinction. You will help to guide newborns safely to the water, protect clutches of eggs and monitor animal population levels. You will also have an opportunity to get a closer look at the breathtakingly beautiful island of Maui on your days off. Your sabbatical will therefore be a combination of an adventurous trip through America and active participation in nature and animal conservation.


Outbound flight

Orlando International Airport, Florida, USA

Return flight

Kahului Airport, Maui, Hawaii, USA


Help with animal and nature conservation projects

  • near Orlando, Florida,
  • a variety of locations throughout California,
  • on the Hawaiian island of Maui


Florida, California, Hawaii


approx. 16 weeks

Your career break

Your adventure

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