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Argentina’s name is derived from the Latin word for silver (Argentum), which was given by the Spanish colonial forces, because they expected to find natural resources here. Today Argentina’s real treasure is not its precious metals but its breathtaking landscapes and unique nature.

With an area of more than 2,8 Mio.km² and a north-south-expansion of nearly 3700 km Argentina is the second-largest country of South America and the eighth-largest country of the world. It shares borders with Bolivia in the north, Paraguay in northeastern direction, Uruguay in southeastern direction, Brazil in the east and Chile in the west. Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires. There are more than 43 Mio. people living in the country, more than 90 % of whom are descendants of European migrants.

Due to its large north-south-expansion, which is nearly 3700 km, Argentina reveals a high variation in climate and vegetation. The north is rather tropical, whereas the centre is more subtropical and temperate. Patagonia in the southern part of the country as well as the Andes are characterized by a rather cold climate.

Argentina’s flora and fauna stands out for its unique biodiversity, which varies a lot depending on the climate and vegetation zone. In the tropical areas you can observe monkeys, jaguars, pumas, coatis, anteaters and different reptiles as well as plenty of bird species like hummingbirds, tucans and parrots. The Andes are home to the majestic condor. On the cost you can find penguins, seals and sea bears, orcas and other whales.

All in all Argentina is the perfect place for every friend of outdoor-activities, nature scientist and adventurer. Become part of a world full of untouched nature and unique landscapes which will make your travel an unforgettable experience.

Internships in Argentina

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