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NATUCATE can help you to find an overseas internship that provides training, adventure and time spent in areas of outstanding natural beauty. In addition to acquiring new expertise and insight into the world of work, it is important to us that you have unique experiences which help you to develop as a person. We can provide placements on internships in a variety of fields, so everybody with an interest in working in nature and environmental conservation in the future is sure to find the right option with us.

This section provides information about the advantages of an overseas internship, why NATUCATE is the right contact partner for you when it comes to internships to do with nature and the environment, and the fields in which you can develop with us.


Requirements — Who can intern?

Overseas internships are particularly suitable for students, university graduates and people who have finished secondary school who are looking for international job experience and want to get a taste of a career. In addition to meeting certain age and language skill requirements, anybody who is interested in an overseas internship must have enough free time available, as a number of projects run for a fairly long period. This section provides additional information about the formal and personal requirements for going on an overseas internship.


Prepare your Internship Abroad

Good preparation is vital in order for your overseas internship to be a satisfying experience. After choosing a suitable internship, you must go through the application process and then organise the necessary aspects before leaving. Our team will help you to plan your overseas stay and can provide advice if you have any questions or doubts. This section is an overview of what you need to plan, and also provides some tips about how to finance your overseas internship.

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International Job Training with NATUCATE


This overseas internship is training, adventure and nature experience all in one, in a nature conservation programme that will give you an insight into the breathtaking nature of Botswana and provide you with valuable nature conservation experience.

Duration 8 Weeks
From 6550 €

Become an intern, discover the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon and acquire valuable expertise in the field of primate behaviour, their communication and space use. Learn more about your internship adventure in South America

Duration 6 Weeks
From 2725 €

This internship is for any nature lover with an inquisitive personality. You will conduct research into the visual acuity of tamarin species at the heart of the rainforest, where you will experience the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon basin

Duration 3 Weeks
From 1500 €

In this internship, you will track primate species and groups, observe their behaviour, take samples to monitor the health of the animals and enter data into a database.

Duration 4 Weeks
From 1900 €

In the midst of Peru's Amazonas rainforest you broaden your knowledge in tropical biology and dedicate yourself to the research of different tamarin species, terrestrial mammals and birds. Learn more about your time as a Wildlife Handling intern

Duration 4 Weeks
From 1900 €

Become an active member of a horse ranch in Argentina, in the midst of the breathtaking Andes, and experience an adventure you will never forget. Surrounded by pure nature you will get to know a self-sufficient lifestyle and acquire valuable skills.

Duration 8 Weeks
From 3200 €

Internship in Costa Rica: Become an intern in Central America and contribute to a professional conservation project devoted to protecting the country's endangered sea turtles. Learn more

Duration 3 Months
From 2500 €
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