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NATUCATE is based on the principle of sustainable development which in turn constitutes the foundation of our business strategy. We assume that dealing with our resources in a sustainable manner requires a public awareness which is sensitised for the need to preserve natural habitats.

It is this awareness which we aim to convey and embed through our services. Our own experiences have taught us that going overseas to stay in unique and ecologically valuable surroundings, and the international exchange of knowledge this involves, are a particularly effective means for achieving this goal. Conversely, we realise that our services incur the use of natural resources and that the resulting gas emissions are detrimental to the climate. This is particularly the case for air travel, which is impracticable without the emission of greenhouse gases. Regrettably there are still no resource-friendly solutions, such as a zero emission aircraft or problem-free biofuel for this type of travel. Therefore we recommend that our participants select the best travel option in terms of sustainability and that they compensate the negative effects of the flight via the relevant web pages (e.g. atmosfair).


This philosophy is of fundamental concern to us in all our business activities. Sustainable management is close to our hearts and we make regular assessments to see whether we need to make improvements with regard to ecological and social criteria. This applies to our purchases, to our consumption and to our cooperation with our partners on a national and international level. It is of particular importance to us, that the entire team identifies with this ideal.

Our ideology Experience your own biography with self-awareness

Voluntary service and nature tourism

For those with a yearning for faraway places, we see ourselves as the link to the realisation of their dreams. Many people want more from their travel experience than just spending a few days or weeks in a hotel, photographing sights and then going home again. Many travellers would like to visit places where help is needed and gratefully received. NATUCATE has the solution: We combine the travel experience with adventure and volunteer service experience to make a completely unique venture. We will gladly help you to plan your trip and give you valuable tips to make it an individual tour.


It is important to NATUCATE that not only the local people and nature profit from the voluntary service, but also the volunteer themself. It is our aim that the volunteer experiences a positive broadening of their intellectual horizons by participating in our tours and projects. Being open, broad-minded and interested in everything new, testing your limits and taking a look behind the scenes of nature conservation operations will contribute to this end. To allow you the necessary headspace, we take care of organizing the entire trip, opening doors which you only need to step through. If you prefer to have more flexibility on your days off, or would rather plan your own ideas into the trip, this is not a problem, and we can help and give guidance where necessary.

Foundation support

Knyphausen Foundation

Since her very first journey to Botswana our team member Theda Gräfin Knyphausen has been entranced by the incomparable beauty of the country. Following her wish to actively take over responsibility, she founded the Knyphausen Foundation for Sustainability, Nature Conservation and Education. The foundation mainly operates in Botswana and puts the focus on educational projects. Its aim is to encourage children and young adults, through education, to interact with their environment in a responsible way. This is why the Knyphausen Foundation develops its own projects:

Thus, as part of the Waste Management-Programme, frequent seminars dealing with waste recycling and prevention are held in local schools in Maun. The aim is to make children and teachers aware of the issues surrounding waste disposal and provide them with practical solutions. Moreover, the Knyphausen Foundation and its “Kids to the Bush”-Programme familiarize native children with the Okavango Delta’s pristine nature and provide them with valuable knowledge about the local flora and fauna. Last but not least, young adults from Botswana can apply to the Knyphausen Foundation for a scholarship which lets them go on a one-year training course to become a professional safari guide.

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Project and Courses for Adventurers

We provide the opportunity not just for young people, school-leavers and students to give valuable help in far-off countries, at the same time sharpening their profile. Over 50s and all those who consider themselves to be mentally and physically fit can take advantage of our various offers.

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