Field Reports Matthias' Feedback:
Field Guide Level 1 and Trails Guide

Wilderness Experience in South Africa

Field Guide Level 1 and Trails Guide – Feedback


Name: Matthias

Age: 31

Course: Field Guide Level 1 und Trails Guide

Location: Selati, Karongwe and Makuleke / South Africa

Duration: September-December 2017


Matthias' total rating

Support from NATUCATE: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Arrival: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Project partner: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✫

Accommodation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Eight questions for Matthias

1) Could you give us a short overview of your activities/tasks in the project?

I completed the Field Guide Level 1 course and afterwards the Backup Trails Guide training.

2) What were your biggest challenges during the project?

Not a lot of “space” for me / privacy.

3) Was there anything that you liked most? Or anything that left you with a negative impression?

It was amazing. I have made zero, zero (and zero is little) negative experiences.

4) Did you have certain expectations before you started the project? If yes, did the project meet your expectations, disappoint or maybe even exceed them?

My expectations were definitely exceeded.

5) Did you do anything during your free time that you can recommend to following participants?

Eating Sushi in Johannesburg. No, seriously: I had very few free days in between the courses. On those days I spent some time with myself, took the shooting exam, and met a few friends.

6) Which tips/recommendations would you give to other participants who would like to do this project? (e.g. tips that would have helped you before your journey)

Try to start your project with an empty mind.

For the communication on site I pre-ordered a Vodacom sim card ( I was able to pick it up at the airport without any waiting time or problems after showing my passport.

In Johannesburg, I always took Uber. I didn’t have any negative experiences with it.

7) Can you guess how many additional expenses you had? – We can give this information to following participants

I spent around 50 Euro for drinks per week during the courses.

8) Here is some space for further questions/suggestions/ideas/reports or stories:

I can only answer the question whether I would recommend booking a project with Natucate with yes. To be fair I have to admit that I have (almost) no comparison. But if I take my own standards and ask myself how you would prepare and support someone before, during, and after their project, it would be exactly the way you did it.

Did I ever have doubts that something won’t work out? No

Did I feel supported and understood? Yes

Would I do it again just the same? Yes

Thank you for this experience!

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