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An ideal sabbatical combines three things: it would take you to areas of outstanding natural beauty, inspire your personal development and be a genuine benefit for society. The tailored packages available from NATUCATE provide a complete change of scenery with challenges which are out of the ordinary to banish the stress of the everyday.

Use your sabbatical to further yourself in the untouched natural environment of Africa or provide a genuine contribution to nature and species conservation as a volunteer. We have put together a few suggestions to inspire you.

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About Sabbaticals

What is a Sabbatical?

A Sabbatical is a temporary break from work which can last between three and 12 months. It is a tried and tested way for employees to counteract the stress involved in their job. A temporary change of scene can relieve stress and take the pressure off, while preventing burnout.


The word “sabbat” can be translated as “to stop” or “to look inside”. The positive impact of taking a temporary break was well known as far back as biblical times. If you are finding this impossible to fit into your day-to-day, the sabbaticals we provide will provide the perfect backdrop for an effective break. Focusing on nature will leave you more relaxed, more mindful and, above all, the recipient of some unforgettable experiences.

Just contact us so that we can work out where you would like to spend your sabbatical.


Tips to organise your Sabbatical

Leave the stress of the day to day behind by embracing nature. Making the dream of the sabbatical into reality requires a significant amount of planning. You will need to get permission from your employer and work out all the details about your time off. Even though temporary breaks are becoming more and more popular, there is still no legal entitlement to a sabbatical in Germany. You will also have all kinds of organisational questions to work through. Some useful tips and tried and tested solutions to some of the most common issues are available here.

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